Objectives and course of the game

Dear participants of the simulation management game,

in this e-learning application we will try a non-traditional method of increasing your managerial qualification. It consists of a simulation management game. This method is based on the active participation of you, the students, who thus acquire the skills and abilities needed to work in project management positions.

The simulation management game is based on the assumption that you will most effectively and permanently acquire managerial knowledge and skills in conditions that are close to real situations in real working life. However, the complex economic reality cannot be displayed within the game without necessary adjustments. Such a simulation would be too complicated and confusing. Therefore, in our game, the situations you enter into, are simplified compared to the real situations you know from practice. You need to respect the rules and limitations of the game.

Within the game, you will be in a position of a project manager. There are several different types of projects within the application, the detail of which you will always find out in the relevant description section. You goal will be to design a project plan for the assigned project, if possible, within the specified deadline, at a reasonable costs and you will need to manage also other project parameters.

In the second part of the game, you will experience in a model environment what it is like to manage the actual realisation phase of the project according to your prepared plan. You task will be to solve unexpected problems that always occur during the realisation of each project. When solving these problem situations (in the game called events), you must keep in mind the set constraints of your project like time, cost and other measured parameters depending on the selected project.

We hope that you will enjoy the game and that it will give you a better idea of the work of a project manager and that the new experience, knowledge, and skills that you will gain through the game will help you in your future professional career.

Team of Promis lectors

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